Roll-on Lawn Production
Our roll-on lawn facility that spreads over an area of about 60.000 sq. m, we can respond to immense roll-on grass demand. 
We can also transport your orders over 100 sq. m to any area you would like.  
You can obtain your order below 100 sq. m from our nursery gardens
Methods used in our lawn facilities are;
1) Roll-on lawn method
The method applied to get a lawn in the shortest time is the roll-on lawn method. It forms lawn easier than the seeding method and the garden gains a denser texture in a shorter time since the grass is produced in a careful and scientific way in a facility. This makes sure there won’t be any adaptation problems. 
While laying roll-on lawn;
-The ground soil is aired by being trenched for 15-20 cm, and then fertilizer and silt are added. 
-Fine smoothing is performed
-The ground on which the lawn will be laid is compacted completely with a roller and watered generously beforehand.
-Roll-on lawn patches are laid on the ground so that there will be no empty spaces between edges. 
-Rolling is performed after the laying and the lawn is watered abundantly. It is a good idea not to tread on the lawn for about two weeks. 
2) Seeding Method
The area to be made into a lawn is prepared for grass sowing by ameliorating the soil with silt and peat addition, if it is too loamy. Or, if it is poor in organic elements, lacking elements are administered either organically or chemically.  
The fine smoothing of the ground surface which has been prepared for grass seeding is made and then it is rolled. After the vegetative soil is rolled, seeds of the grass species considered for the area are sown in a homogenous way.  Seeds are applied in approximately 60- 80 g groups. After sowing, the ground is topped with a 1-2 cm thick covering soil, then it is rolled again and a homogeneously applied irrigation is performed. That way a lawn is formed with the seeding method. 
Points to consider when it comes to forming lawns with the seeding method;
• The soil quality of the area where grass is to be sown is important.
• The grass species must be determined according the shadiness level of the area.
• In seeding to be performed in late spring or early summer, medication against weeds should be administered on the vegetative soil.
• The sowing of seeds should be completed between early April and mid-June. This period may vary depending on the average temperatures of the year. 
We grow roll-on lawn, which is made by cutting the grass with roots after it is sown and rooted through continual maintenance and repeating mowing, and make it ready to be laid on another surface just like a carpet.  
Our company started rolled-on lawn production in October 2003 - under the trademark Doga Bitkisel Urunler End. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.- on an area of 60.000 sq. m in Arifiye Golbasi district in Sakarya. 
We transport your orders over 100 sq. m to any area you would indicate.
You can obtain your orders below 100 sq. m from our nursery gardens.
Our business philosophy;
Lawn production is performed in accordance with technological developments and high quality principle of our company, and customer demands are always taken into consideration during the production.
Customer potential and economical, and sociological characteristics of the target audience are taken into consideration. Changes occurring in time are closely monitored to determine the best solutions possible.