About As
You desire a living space of your own; a break from the daily life in a city of stone-and-concrete streets. You desire to construct a garden of your own; one that can make you forget all your exhaustion and put a smile on your face with every step towards it… Although people may say ‘It is not possible’, we insist it is. We also do more than claiming so: we construct your dream garden for you.
Who we are?
We are a company that have put its signature under several projects in the fields of infrastructure, landscaping, housing, road building and urban park construction since 1994 in order to transform everywhere we touch into somewhere more beautiful, glamorous and enviable places compared to various other places in the world. 
In order to make a breakthrough in our business life we launched our first nursery garden in Levent, Istanbul in 2002 under the brand Fidan BotanicGarden. Our primary goal has always been to be the company that can take over responsibility and that aims to present reliable and original projects for those who demand them. 
Fidan BotanicGarden is a modern ‘garden market’ where every sort of gardening accessories, materials and plants are sold such as imported or domestically produced ornamental plants, all kinds of flowers, grass and flower seeds, fertilizers, pot plants  –anything having to do with gardening. We also conduct activities in the fields of environmental planning, landscape architecture, project design, applications, periodic garden maintenance, engineering, consultancy, pool construction, lightening, modular play gardens, as well as infrastructural services like irrigation and drainage systems. Our company and its technical staff successfully keep pace with technology in all its activities. 
In addition to our product varieties and landscaping services, we also produce rolled-on lawn and seedlings in our facilities with an area of 250.000 m2 in Sapanca, Yalova and Izmir. We work to reduce the country’s importation ratios by making contribution to domestic production. 
Garden industry in Turkey further grows with each passing day. In order to contribute to this growth, we launched the first ‘GARDEN MARKET’ in Turkey in 2007 in Kartal, Istanbul in accordance with our company policy to support innovation and development. 
Thanks to our innovative character that has been constantly developing since 1994, we have always made an impression. We have been a source of inspiration and a leading and trailblazing figure for other companies desiring to be in this industry. 
With the consideration that municipal intervention to the sector has become something having negative effects, we withdrew from the retail sector in 2012. That was a result of our sensitivity about taking the best decisions for our brand. This withdrawal is by no means a loss or a lack of resistance. It was a conscious choice –choosing to be useful rather than keeping on working under non-encouraging conditions.
As the main theme of our objectives, we have determined to take important steps in the fields of importation and exportation by adding international connections to the work we already initiated, and to become the number one company in the sector, pushing limits of service quality in a variety of fields like nursery gardens, plant sales, landscape designs and applications. 
We have formed our quality policy as Fidan Botanic Garden and received ISO 9001 and TSE certificates. Our policy and objectives are to go beyond the ordinary and present what is new and different in our fields of activity, reach new dimensions of creativity, always take steps forward and provide services and products appreciated by those who can “see” them, too, along with those experiencing  them. 
In this sense, we, as a company, have an offer for you: ‘You just dream and let us construct your dream garden.” 
Muhammet SIRIN
Chairman of the Board of Directors